This is my new blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hiya! We are about to embark on another great adventure!!!

So check back soon to hear about it at adventurewithjemma!!!!!


  1. Evie & Emily Skipp

    Hi Jemma.

    Evie here, thank you for saying hi, where are you now?
    :0 You ‘ve missed the diamond jubilee (we where on a boat). It is the half term
    so we have been to the royal cornwall show -got stuck in pouring rain-what was quiet fun. Are you still in France? And I hear you caught six fish, my dad can never catch any! Hope you are having a good time.
    from evie.
    how you ?france sounds realy good ,we used to have a house in france when we lived in kent it was near Limoges! like evie said ,we went to the cornwall show it was great fun even though it was tipping it down,there were russian dare devil stunt horse men that was realy good they did all sorts of diffrent tricks like pyramids and hanging upside down while cantering !the jubilee was also good ! our uncles were on the gloriana (a boat that was made for the queen )
    i hope to see you soon or soonish

  2. Hi Evie and Emily!!
    That sounds really cool and Im glad you had fun! Have you broken up from school yet? We are in France now and the kids here have. I hope you have a great summer holiday! – and I cant wait to go back to guides and see you again!! I will put another post on here soon! But bye for now!!

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