I’m in France!!!

Hiya Guys! Did ya miss me?! – kidding!!! For those who don’t know me, my name is Jemma, (don’t wear it out!) I’m allowed to be stupid on here cos’ this is MY blog!!!!

As you know, (or not) I’m on holiday!!! Well, it’s more of a trip than a holiday, but hey!!!

We have been away from my home in Devon for nearly 2 weeks so far. In this time, we have stayed with 3 of my cousins, and we have been to Essex, London, Newton Abbot, Le-on-the-solent, Chorleywood, and France.            

 It was great to see people that we haven’t seen in ages, but even more great to be ‘on the road again.’

The reason this trip is possible is because we Home-school!!!

Many people have said, we will be unfortunate kids without a social life. Well, quite frankly that’s a load of ‘TWADDLE.’ (I could say worse……but won’t!!!)                                                                                                             Home-schooling is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I say ‘one of’ because a few years ago me and my family went around the world in our motor-home weirdly named ‘Nessie.’ – It is named this because the first place we took it was Scotland! (The Loch Ness Monster!)  We went for 18 months around the globe, stopping at various places to stay. To find out more about this trip go to ‘www.macswayround.com’ and have a look!

0ooops! That was me being side-tracked! Sorry!!!

Anyways, I am 12 years old and I like reading, badminton, sleepovers, sewing, drawing, painting, sleeping, my friends…………the list is endless!!!

Oh, about my friends, I promised some of them I’d give them a special mention…..Ok,  hi Kirsty,  hi Abi,  hi Evie,  hi Emily,  hi Sam,  hi Callum,  hi Jacob,  hi Zack,  (take a breath!)  hi Katie,  hi Saskia,  hi Amy,  hi Shannon, hi Jess,  hi Millie,  hi (other) Jess,  hi Edward,  (another breath!)  hi Matt,  hi James,  hi Jake & hi Charlotte!!!

Oh, and hi Beth and Adam!!!

(Not to be disgustingly boastful but, I’m not particularly short on friends!!!)

(And I am so, so, so, so, so sorry, if I forgot anyone, but it’s quite a few to keep track of.)

Sugar!!! That was me once again being side-tracked!

Back to the trip……’And so the intrepid family travelled on into the gloom, not knowing where on Earth they would pop out, around the twisty, bendy roads of Essex into the black of the night…..’  

So, we stayed in England for about 6 days and drove to Dover. We saw the white cliffs, like in the song by Vera Lynn. (White cliffs of Dover.) Every time we go abroad, we go to Dover to catch the ferry, and today we were going abroad!

So, we caught the ferry to France on the ‘Norfolkline.’ It was MASSIVE!!! As you would expect from a ferry, and after 2 long hours of ‘hangman’ and ‘squares’ we arrived in France!

We drove from France into Belgium, (because it was only 20 miles away and it was much cheaper to buy fuel.) We filled up Nessie  with diesel, and hit the road back to France, to stay at this FANTASTIC camp site called ‘camping des roses’, with internet, electric, dog walk, water, games room, laundry, toilets, (you’d be surprised how many camps don’t have toilets, let alone showers!) kiddies playground and best of all……… 2 MASSIVE lake for fishing!!!

I know it’s weird for a 12 year old girl to enjoy fishing but, my Dad’s a fisherman and has been all his life, so he taught me and my dopey little brother, from a very young age. And I think that ‘once you’ve caught a few fish in your life, that you’ll be hooked on fishing for the rest of it!’

In this camp in France I caught about 6 fish and I haven’t even left yet! Biggens’ n’ all!  Just a few minutes ago, before I started typing this, I had my silver and blue rod in the water and I caught a whopper!!! – it was a common carp! Actually, right this second, my dad has his rod in, trying his luck!

Well, that’s as far as I’m up to on this trip so far, so Byez, until next time!…..

(expect more, in a week, if I haven’t posted anything in that time, please don’t assume I have been eaten by a carp fish! – But anything is possible on ‘adventure with Jemma!’)



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