Part 2 of my trip!

Hi Everyone! – that is assuming there is anyone there!

This has got to be quick as I have a time limit of one hour to do my blog emails and so on. We have moved on from Camping des roses, in France, now and are stopped in Germany in a nice little camp 20 miles off ‘Frankfurt oder’ near to the Polish border, which sounds weird! We have camped in various other camps before reaching here, including a little layby where we encountered THE POLICE!!!! – Dun, dun daaaa!

Well, Dad was having a shower, when mum shouted It’s the Police! Dad was still in the shower when they knocked on our camper door. He had to quickly rap a towel round himself to answer the door.

They asked us, vot are you doing? And Dad says, Having a shower. This annoyed them slightly, though I have no idea why.

They asked us, whether we had, had a shower with soap?! After Dad had said yes, they said what we would have thought if they had come to our country (I thought he said camper!)and had a shower with soap. He emphasized the word soap, a little too much, and when Dad had said sorry, I was left thinking Dad had refused this German police with his massive gun, a shower in our camper!!! I was like “Dad let the lovely man have a shower, there’s a good boy!”

Anyway, they moved us on, to a disgusting truck-stop, from this layby, describing it as a ‘public highway’. What it actually was, was a dead – end – road, leading to some mouldy old abandoned crops. Not exactly what I would describe as a public highway. But hey, this is Germany! And rules are rules.

We have encountered German police before, when I was quite young, and they had a tendency to be very strict. Playing everything by the book.

The night after that, we moved on to a camp in more of Germany, called ‘Freizeitpark’ another very weird name. This place was still nice though. It had zip wires in the kid’s playground, toilets, showers, and a bar. We made a friend called Anaka, who was 7.

I know people might have thought that we missed the diamond jubilee concert, but we didn’t. We found a layby and set up the satellite. Dad managed to find the right channel and we watched it. Well, to be totally honest me and Ben didn’t actually watch some of it as we were currently busy, making up a weird dance. It wasn’t that good, but it was highly fun. From what I did watch my favourites were Jessie J, Ed Sheehan, Kylie Minogue and Ralph Harris!

Then we moved onto a GREAT camp, with an Olympic sized swimming pool!! – and we spent hours on end in it! Only thing was it was freezing! Outside! Cold!

I also got my hair cut, short. I HATED IT!!!  I actually cried. That was until I got used to it. Now I really like it. Though I’m not sure I prefer it. Mum and Dad do though.

Well, that’s all I’ve got time for now so, BYEZ until next time!!

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  1. Polly Tait

    We love to hear what you are up to, (not so much the thought of your dad in the shower!!!!). Please send us a picture of your new hair cut would love to see it. Please you got to see some of the Jubilee goings on was all very BRITISH including the weather. Jess was due to open the Albaston Fete on saturday but that got rained off. She did however get a “A” in her catering exam and coursework which is very good. Ed is Ed, and Charlotte is very excited about going to Sapin but can work out what you lots will be doing there. Speak soon Keep Blogging!

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