My adventure – part 3

*Note – Ben has put a few photo’s on his website, which is…*

Hi Guys!

Sorry I took so long to write this, but trying to get Wi-Fi in Poland ‘Yelenya’ was terrible!

Before I start on Poland though, I’ll tell you more about what happened in Germany.  After the camp with the massive pool, we moved on to a camp in Magdeburg. We parked Ness by a large river and met some more English people! This was quite a revelation as the only other English people I expected to see was the people we are going to meet up with in Spain soon.

Anyways, we stayed the night there and the next morning we went into the city. It was a fairly large place with LOADS of clothes shops! It was great! Ben detested it, but I spent ages in there. I bought a couple of tops and some shorts. It was fun!

Dad bought us 2 hotdogs to share between all of us, because they had run out. I shared with Dad (and for a good reason!) and Ben with Mum.

Well, actually, Mum ate 3 quarters of Ben’s hotdog and all of his sausage, and Ben totally FLIPPED!!!  He went off on a MASSIVE strop with Mum. She mildly protested, but Ben was just too wound up to notice! It was hilarious to watch! Ben utterly refused to even talk in Mums direction for about half an hour, which just goes to show how much that boy loves his food!

After this disastrous sausage incident, we moved on. We travelled a very long way, along the German and Polish border, stopping at a camp 20 miles off of ‘Frankfurt oder’ which is another weird name. We stayed here 4 nights , as we were waiting for the kids in Yelenya to break up from school.

I rode my bike around, doing wheelies, and making up a stunt group routine with Ben and chucking the basketball to each other too. That was fun. Ish. We met this guy, Phillip here and he was pretty good at ‘Bike football’ or ‘Bike Ball.’  Urrrrr, its football on ummm, bikes. As you may have guessed if you have half a working brain – cell!  

Then we did normal football…..with a basketball?! Yeah. Urrrm back to the game. We did a game called ‘knock the bike.’ Where one of us has to ride our bike along the road and the other one has to try to knock the other ones bike from the pavement. This was really fun as Ben was rubbish!

I am getting quite bored of saying ‘so next we moved onto….’ But I don’t know what else to say. How about…….we travelled a very long way along the…treacherous bumpy polish tracks to a cool camp with a massive lake.

Here, Ben and I made up a film called Rad Robbie and JoJo, using my camera. Ben was Robbie and I was JoJo – his sister. This was extremely fun as I had to push Ben into the water on nearly all of the scenes! We stayed at this camp for three nights, still waiting for the kids in Yelenya.  Ben got to ride on an old timer BMW pre-war bike with a side car, belonging to the camp owner. Dad wouldn’t have minded a go himself!

After the three days we travelled to Yelenya. This is where three of my best friends live, oh and in literally five minutes of being there, there was food on the table and we were all eating!  Ya see, Teresa (the Mum), is the kind of lady that finds joy out of watching other people eating her food. She would rather provide than consume. Still, it was delicious! Mind you, all that eating was after the ten minute hug from Agata. Agata is my best foreign friend, followed by Lolek and Magda a very close second. Lolek is Agata’s brother and Magnda is a school friend. We stayed in their front yard for ten days, but by then we had to leave, as we couldn’t outstay our welcome! To give you a bit of an idea of how hectic it was here, Ben and I wrote a little poem about them…….Here it is………

Yatzek’s broke my bike,

Votoosh has lost his dummy,

Casper’s fallen over, and is calling for his Mummy.

Casha eats a noodle,

Anya paints a nail,

Yatzek’s slapped his face, so Casper starts to wail.

Teresa sorts them out,

Ola jumps around,

Lolek’s on the Honda,

Casper’s on the ground,

Agata’s in a mood,

Vortek’s got a test,

Anya paints another nail,

And Casper’s being a pest,

My Dad finds a slow worm,

Anya runs away,

Lolek wants to eat it,

I live to fight another DAY!

This has been a fairly long blog so gotta go! Until next time…….. Oh, and next time I’ll tell you all about how Me and the rest of my overly Wacky family hit  our sofa seats to remove dead dust mites with marsh mellow skewers in Germany!!! Goodbye. 

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