Poland and onwards, part 4 of my trip!!

Hi peoples!! I wonder how many people there actually are out there reading this!! Firstly I just want to thank everybody who left a comment on my last blog (and everyone who thought that they did too!)

Right, how far did I get up to?! After Yelenya I think! Oh yeah, I said I’d tell you about those dead dust mites in Germany?

Ok, that’s a good place to start, here we go…..

Well, after  Yelenya, we travelled a fairly long way back into Germany to the camp that Banjo (those who don’t know me, don’t assume Banjo is my brother, he’s my dog!) loved near ‘Frankfurt oder’ for a couple nights.

Here one of our camper’s Great (and highly weird) Events took place. We completely stripped Nessie from anything that was cleanable, as it was disgusting in there. It was disgusting because of the kids in Yelenya. They were in – out – in – out of the camper, until Dad got a little bit annoyed. Till the point of shooing them all out! I can’t really blame him because it was like, “Casper, feet off the sofa” “Yatzeck, stop messing with that blind” “Agata, don’t drink all our juice” “Ola, don’t eat tha…..ok, now you’ve licked it you’ll have to…”  Anyway we cleaned Nessie’s seats by beating them with marsh mellow skewers to remove unwanted dust. This was…..another new experience. And hey, that’s what my life is all about – new experiences! 😉

After 2 nights here, we moved on a LONG,LONG, LONG way to Georgenthal. We had a McDonalds on the way for Wi-Fi and that was quite nice. But when we got to our destination I – FELT – TERRIBLE!!! I think something I ate was bad or whatever.

This camp wasn’t actually in Georgenthal, but really close. We stayed here 1 night and I still felt bad. When I was feeling a bit better and I went for a little ride on my rip-stick and found a slow worm, attempting to cross a lane, without being eaten by a bird, squished by a bike, mauled by a dog(who thought it was a chew toy!), or stepped on by a pedestrian. I don’t think I would much enjoy being a slow worm! – You?!

Because there is a massive swimming pool in Georgenthal, we decided to hang around a while to go there. So, we moved Nessie across to another little camp near Georgenthal that was 15 Euros per night cheaper. Still equipped with water, toilets and electric. But the down side was that I started feeling bad all over again!! L

So, I stopped Ben going swimming. Oh poor, poor him. Huh, excuse me little brother, but I’M the one stuck in bed, not able to bat an eyelid! (By the way, that was sarcasm.) But as Mum and Dad were so especially kind, they let us stay another night, to go swimming!!! And I felt much better that morning…..NOT!

But guess who spoiled it this time……

BEN!!!!!! He was being generally naughty, so tut, tut, tut to him!


So as Mum and Dad were in such a great mood they let us stay yet another night, for swimming alone!!

When we eventually did get to the pool, (on Dad’s 100cc scooter) there was a large and unattractive black cloud approaching….

We got about an hour and a half in the pool before the rain came through. We were due in for a storm. A big one. Mum had decided to turn down our generous offer of accompanying us to the pool to stay back with Banjo as he had to guard the camper, (We couldn’t exactly see our little collie with a helmet and motorcyclist gloves on!!)

Still, while it was sunny, the pool was satisfactory. (Understatement of the century!!) Lovely clear blue, warm, Jacuzzi area, diving-boards, swimming lanes, extension, helter- skelter-water-slide, and very wet, is a more accurate description!

We met 2 boys there about my age and practically all the English they knew was, the song “I’M SEXY AND I KNOW IT!!!” and they kept repeating it, and getting other German kids to do the same. Dancing n all! It was hilarious!!

I went on the water slide loads too, going down every way humanly possible! People behind me were watching in fascination (either that or they were just appalled!) and some copied. Ben wanted to go behind me every time, so that he could leave the tiniest gap between us, so when we got to the bottom, he could give me a big kick….

One of the times I took Ben by surprise and stopped half way down. I stood up, (sort of) and when Ben came along behind me he went straight through my legs, and I got to kick him (kindly) at the bottom.

When we had completed our swimming session, I had a nice relaxing shower, even though the temperature was FREEZING!! But I had to do this quickly as that big black cloud was approaching fast. The reason, that this was even worse for Dad and I, was because I had to stay behind and wait for Dad to deliver Ben and come back for me….      Dad was soaked when we got back, but not me. I kind of had to give it to him, as he blocked 90% of the rain from hitting me.

We ended up staying 3 nights at this car -park camp, despite the fact that we only paid for 2. (There was nobody to give the keys back to, so we stayed, simple.)

While we were here, some random nutter, called Elvis landed him-self on our chair and started to have a chat. He knew practically no English, but that did not stop him from chatting away to himself and attempting to sing along to The Beatles. He was trying to sing ‘Love Me Do’, but he hummed rather off-tune till the part where it said ‘Love me do’, and he then said in the gruffest, alien cross vampire, growl “I LOVE YOU!” I’m pretty sure he was drunk at that precise moment in time. Then he went off and I sighed with relief, but then, he, Urrrm, came back, this time loaded with beer….. he was fine really and meant us no harm.

The next day we had to move on from Georgenthal. L!! We drove about 160 miles, down the S-L-O-W roads of Germany until we came to Hartmut’s house. Hartmut was a dear friend to my Dad’s Dad, Grandad, so we still go and visit him and his wife Maria. Dad gets on really well with them, we all do really. We met them at their ‘wilderness’. We had a barbeque with them, and that was LOVELY!! Maria makes The Best potato salad ever so we all enjoyed a 6 hour talk with them. By that time we had to leave and find a campsite with electricity. Oh, there is something I forgot to mention, our little gas problem. Yes…. Well, we had somehow completely run out of gas, and we could not get any more unless we bought a French or German or Spanish etc gas bottle. Either that, or stay in campsites with electricity for the rest of the trip. We opted for the cheaper option of buying the gas bottle, so we started heading to France to buy one.

By this time it was fairly late so we just needed anywhere to stay with electric. The closest place we found was utterly rubbish and highly disappointing. It was called ‘Worms’. Yeah, I know. But the thing was, we were squished in like sardines!! Not funny! We hated it here, so only stayed 1 night, and left in the morning.


This has definitely been a long blog, so until next time…….   



My adventure – part 3

*Note – Ben has put a few photo’s on his website, which is…BenandBanjo.wordpress.com*

Hi Guys!

Sorry I took so long to write this, but trying to get Wi-Fi in Poland ‘Yelenya’ was terrible!

Before I start on Poland though, I’ll tell you more about what happened in Germany.  After the camp with the massive pool, we moved on to a camp in Magdeburg. We parked Ness by a large river and met some more English people! This was quite a revelation as the only other English people I expected to see was the people we are going to meet up with in Spain soon.

Anyways, we stayed the night there and the next morning we went into the city. It was a fairly large place with LOADS of clothes shops! It was great! Ben detested it, but I spent ages in there. I bought a couple of tops and some shorts. It was fun!

Dad bought us 2 hotdogs to share between all of us, because they had run out. I shared with Dad (and for a good reason!) and Ben with Mum.

Well, actually, Mum ate 3 quarters of Ben’s hotdog and all of his sausage, and Ben totally FLIPPED!!!  He went off on a MASSIVE strop with Mum. She mildly protested, but Ben was just too wound up to notice! It was hilarious to watch! Ben utterly refused to even talk in Mums direction for about half an hour, which just goes to show how much that boy loves his food!

After this disastrous sausage incident, we moved on. We travelled a very long way, along the German and Polish border, stopping at a camp 20 miles off of ‘Frankfurt oder’ which is another weird name. We stayed here 4 nights , as we were waiting for the kids in Yelenya to break up from school.

I rode my bike around, doing wheelies, and making up a stunt group routine with Ben and chucking the basketball to each other too. That was fun. Ish. We met this guy, Phillip here and he was pretty good at ‘Bike football’ or ‘Bike Ball.’  Urrrrr, its football on ummm, bikes. As you may have guessed if you have half a working brain – cell!  

Then we did normal football…..with a basketball?! Yeah. Urrrm back to the game. We did a game called ‘knock the bike.’ Where one of us has to ride our bike along the road and the other one has to try to knock the other ones bike from the pavement. This was really fun as Ben was rubbish!

I am getting quite bored of saying ‘so next we moved onto….’ But I don’t know what else to say. How about…….we travelled a very long way along the…treacherous bumpy polish tracks to a cool camp with a massive lake.

Here, Ben and I made up a film called Rad Robbie and JoJo, using my camera. Ben was Robbie and I was JoJo – his sister. This was extremely fun as I had to push Ben into the water on nearly all of the scenes! We stayed at this camp for three nights, still waiting for the kids in Yelenya.  Ben got to ride on an old timer BMW pre-war bike with a side car, belonging to the camp owner. Dad wouldn’t have minded a go himself!

After the three days we travelled to Yelenya. This is where three of my best friends live, oh and in literally five minutes of being there, there was food on the table and we were all eating!  Ya see, Teresa (the Mum), is the kind of lady that finds joy out of watching other people eating her food. She would rather provide than consume. Still, it was delicious! Mind you, all that eating was after the ten minute hug from Agata. Agata is my best foreign friend, followed by Lolek and Magda a very close second. Lolek is Agata’s brother and Magnda is a school friend. We stayed in their front yard for ten days, but by then we had to leave, as we couldn’t outstay our welcome! To give you a bit of an idea of how hectic it was here, Ben and I wrote a little poem about them…….Here it is………

Yatzek’s broke my bike,

Votoosh has lost his dummy,

Casper’s fallen over, and is calling for his Mummy.

Casha eats a noodle,

Anya paints a nail,

Yatzek’s slapped his face, so Casper starts to wail.

Teresa sorts them out,

Ola jumps around,

Lolek’s on the Honda,

Casper’s on the ground,

Agata’s in a mood,

Vortek’s got a test,

Anya paints another nail,

And Casper’s being a pest,

My Dad finds a slow worm,

Anya runs away,

Lolek wants to eat it,

I live to fight another DAY!

This has been a fairly long blog so gotta go! Until next time…….. Oh, and next time I’ll tell you all about how Me and the rest of my overly Wacky family hit  our sofa seats to remove dead dust mites with marsh mellow skewers in Germany!!! Goodbye. 

Part 2 of my trip!

Hi Everyone! – that is assuming there is anyone there!

This has got to be quick as I have a time limit of one hour to do my blog emails and so on. We have moved on from Camping des roses, in France, now and are stopped in Germany in a nice little camp 20 miles off ‘Frankfurt oder’ near to the Polish border, which sounds weird! We have camped in various other camps before reaching here, including a little layby where we encountered THE POLICE!!!! – Dun, dun daaaa!

Well, Dad was having a shower, when mum shouted It’s the Police! Dad was still in the shower when they knocked on our camper door. He had to quickly rap a towel round himself to answer the door.

They asked us, vot are you doing? And Dad says, Having a shower. This annoyed them slightly, though I have no idea why.

They asked us, whether we had, had a shower with soap?! After Dad had said yes, they said what we would have thought if they had come to our country (I thought he said camper!)and had a shower with soap. He emphasized the word soap, a little too much, and when Dad had said sorry, I was left thinking Dad had refused this German police with his massive gun, a shower in our camper!!! I was like “Dad let the lovely man have a shower, there’s a good boy!”

Anyway, they moved us on, to a disgusting truck-stop, from this layby, describing it as a ‘public highway’. What it actually was, was a dead – end – road, leading to some mouldy old abandoned crops. Not exactly what I would describe as a public highway. But hey, this is Germany! And rules are rules.

We have encountered German police before, when I was quite young, and they had a tendency to be very strict. Playing everything by the book.

The night after that, we moved on to a camp in more of Germany, called ‘Freizeitpark’ another very weird name. This place was still nice though. It had zip wires in the kid’s playground, toilets, showers, and a bar. We made a friend called Anaka, who was 7.

I know people might have thought that we missed the diamond jubilee concert, but we didn’t. We found a layby and set up the satellite. Dad managed to find the right channel and we watched it. Well, to be totally honest me and Ben didn’t actually watch some of it as we were currently busy, making up a weird dance. It wasn’t that good, but it was highly fun. From what I did watch my favourites were Jessie J, Ed Sheehan, Kylie Minogue and Ralph Harris!

Then we moved onto a GREAT camp, with an Olympic sized swimming pool!! – and we spent hours on end in it! Only thing was it was freezing! Outside! Cold!

I also got my hair cut, short. I HATED IT!!!  I actually cried. That was until I got used to it. Now I really like it. Though I’m not sure I prefer it. Mum and Dad do though.

Well, that’s all I’ve got time for now so, BYEZ until next time!!

I’m in France!!!

Hiya Guys! Did ya miss me?! – kidding!!! For those who don’t know me, my name is Jemma, (don’t wear it out!) I’m allowed to be stupid on here cos’ this is MY blog!!!!

As you know, (or not) I’m on holiday!!! Well, it’s more of a trip than a holiday, but hey!!!

We have been away from my home in Devon for nearly 2 weeks so far. In this time, we have stayed with 3 of my cousins, and we have been to Essex, London, Newton Abbot, Le-on-the-solent, Chorleywood, and France.            

 It was great to see people that we haven’t seen in ages, but even more great to be ‘on the road again.’

The reason this trip is possible is because we Home-school!!!

Many people have said, we will be unfortunate kids without a social life. Well, quite frankly that’s a load of ‘TWADDLE.’ (I could say worse……but won’t!!!)                                                                                                             Home-schooling is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I say ‘one of’ because a few years ago me and my family went around the world in our motor-home weirdly named ‘Nessie.’ – It is named this because the first place we took it was Scotland! (The Loch Ness Monster!)  We went for 18 months around the globe, stopping at various places to stay. To find out more about this trip go to ‘www.macswayround.com’ and have a look!

0ooops! That was me being side-tracked! Sorry!!!

Anyways, I am 12 years old and I like reading, badminton, sleepovers, sewing, drawing, painting, sleeping, my friends…………the list is endless!!!

Oh, about my friends, I promised some of them I’d give them a special mention…..Ok,  hi Kirsty,  hi Abi,  hi Evie,  hi Emily,  hi Sam,  hi Callum,  hi Jacob,  hi Zack,  (take a breath!)  hi Katie,  hi Saskia,  hi Amy,  hi Shannon, hi Jess,  hi Millie,  hi (other) Jess,  hi Edward,  (another breath!)  hi Matt,  hi James,  hi Jake & hi Charlotte!!!

Oh, and hi Beth and Adam!!!

(Not to be disgustingly boastful but, I’m not particularly short on friends!!!)

(And I am so, so, so, so, so sorry, if I forgot anyone, but it’s quite a few to keep track of.)

Sugar!!! That was me once again being side-tracked!

Back to the trip……’And so the intrepid family travelled on into the gloom, not knowing where on Earth they would pop out, around the twisty, bendy roads of Essex into the black of the night…..’  

So, we stayed in England for about 6 days and drove to Dover. We saw the white cliffs, like in the song by Vera Lynn. (White cliffs of Dover.) Every time we go abroad, we go to Dover to catch the ferry, and today we were going abroad!

So, we caught the ferry to France on the ‘Norfolkline.’ It was MASSIVE!!! As you would expect from a ferry, and after 2 long hours of ‘hangman’ and ‘squares’ we arrived in France!

We drove from France into Belgium, (because it was only 20 miles away and it was much cheaper to buy fuel.) We filled up Nessie  with diesel, and hit the road back to France, to stay at this FANTASTIC camp site called ‘camping des roses’, with internet, electric, dog walk, water, games room, laundry, toilets, (you’d be surprised how many camps don’t have toilets, let alone showers!) kiddies playground and best of all……… 2 MASSIVE lake for fishing!!!

I know it’s weird for a 12 year old girl to enjoy fishing but, my Dad’s a fisherman and has been all his life, so he taught me and my dopey little brother, from a very young age. And I think that ‘once you’ve caught a few fish in your life, that you’ll be hooked on fishing for the rest of it!’

In this camp in France I caught about 6 fish and I haven’t even left yet! Biggens’ n’ all!  Just a few minutes ago, before I started typing this, I had my silver and blue rod in the water and I caught a whopper!!! – it was a common carp! Actually, right this second, my dad has his rod in, trying his luck!

Well, that’s as far as I’m up to on this trip so far, so Byez, until next time!…..

(expect more, in a week, if I haven’t posted anything in that time, please don’t assume I have been eaten by a carp fish! – But anything is possible on ‘adventure with Jemma!’)



This is my new blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hiya! We are about to embark on another great adventure!!!

So check back soon to hear about it at adventurewithjemma!!!!!

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